Clive Lavelle – Weston-Super-Mare

Clive Lavelle - Weston-Super-Mare - Somerset, England

Clive Lavelle – English Democrats

Why I am standing for the English Democrats in Weston-Super-Mare in the 2015 General Election

For over fifteen years, Scotland and Wales have enjoyed autonomy. That autonomy was granted them by Tony Blair’s Labour Government following its landslide victory in 1997, bought in no small part, by its commitment to devolved administrations for those two countries.

The Conservative Party lost every seat in Scotland and Wales, in that election.
Referenda in both Scotland and Wales, backed Devolved administrations and the result was the creation, in 1999, of the Scottish Parliament and Welsh Assembly. At no time was any consideration given to England or her people and no similar institution was offered to the English.
These new “Governments” as they subsequently styled themselves, were each given an annual “Block Grant” by the U.K. Treasury (which they each derided, somewhat ungraciously, as “pocket-money”) to spend as they each saw fit. (Why do I say “ungraciously”? – because the money comes from the U.K. Treasury, the vast bulk of whose income is garnered from English taxpayers.)
What was this “pocket-money” used for?
Free prescriptions for the Scots and Welsh. The English pay £8-25 per item.
Free hospital parking in Wales. The English pay exorbitant charges.
Free care for the Elderly in Scotland. In England, the amount payable is limited only to the value of your house and life-savings.
Free University tuition for Scottish students. English students pay £27000; that’s twenty-seven thousand pounds. Oh, and a student from any E.U. country, any, that is, except England, can study for free at a Scottish university – his fees paid by the English taxpayer.
The discrimination doesn’t stop there. That’s just the worst of it.
I understood that discrimination in any form was unacceptable. The Westminster elite are happy to preside over this blatant discrimination against England and her people; (discrimination permitted by E.U. law).

I want an end to this discrimination through an English government, elected by the English to serve England (with a corresponding slimming-down of the Westminster machine.)
That is why I am pleased to be standing as candidate for the English Democrats and “Putting England First!”

Clive Lavelle - Weston-Super-Mare


Clive Lavelle
Weston-Super-Mare Parliamentary Candidate
English Democrats – “Putting England First !”




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