6 comments on “As usual, England unrepresented in leaders’ TV debate.

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  2. Maybe you first have to find out what this “England” you are talking about really is. In my experience of many visits to the different parts of Great Britain I’ve under the impression that the interests of a Yorkshire man differ ways from those of a man living in e.g. Cornwall, Lincolnshire, Shropshire, or even in London. So that seems to be the real problem of the UK politics. The electoral law in the UK stabilizes a system that stems way back from Victorian times – if not the Middle Ages. There is the lever to pull in my view from afar.

    • There are many of us who know very well what England is. It the home of the English nation, by definition.

      As a matter of interest, what do you regard as YOUR national identity?

      • First of all German, but as I live here in North-Rhine-Westfalia I put my roots down here (after having lived in various parts of Germany). That poses no problem politically, as NRW is very well represented in Berlin, so my regional interests are looked after (the German Bundestag – comparable to your House of Commons – is supplemented and widely controlled by the Bundesrat which is the representation of the 16 Länder/regions). Germany forms a nation as does England – but the parts of the nation have a say in Germanys politics – of which I’m not so sure in England.

      • The UK is a state comprising three nations: England, Scotland & Wales. Although England has the largest population [84% of the UK’s total], she has no constitutional presence, unlike Scotland & Wales which each have national assemblies with devolved powers. This anomaly is contentious and has resulted in England being treated less favourably even though she supplies, by far, most of the UK’s resources.

        In a state with a multi-million population, the ability to broadcast political ideas is crucial, but the BBC [disproportionately dominated by Scots] and other broadcasters deliberately exclude the English from having a ‘say’. Consequently, we hear much from the Scots, Welsh, Irish and Brits, but virtually nothing from those of us who wish to promote the interests of England and her people.

        Opponents of England wish to destroy her as a national entity, which is why so much emphasis is placed on apparent differences and why powers are to be devolved to artificial ‘city regions’ rather than to an English Parliament for us to decide our local government without the interference of representatives from the other parts of the UK. I believe that we are witnessing the prolonged disorderly disintegration of the UK because of the desire of England’s opponents to cling to office.

        I trust this explains the political situation in the UK which is not quite the same as Germany’s for a number of reasons, not the least being the existence of a federal system which the ‘unionist’ Brit parties [Conservatives, Labour, GreenS & UKIP] are resisting.

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