3 comments on “Some MPs in England called [by the BBC & others] “English MPs”!

    • Not all Brits have been listed, but they are the vast preponderance of MPs from England’s Parliamentary Constituencies who do not identify themselves as being English or express any loyalty to England. One exception is David Davies who has said that he regards his national and ethnic identity as British.

      To their number, one could add Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband. Moreover, David Cameron could be added to the list of Conservative MPs of Scottish origin in England.

      The lists, incomplete as they may be, support my contention that the widespread use of the general description of “English MPs” is not only inaccurate but misleading and is habitually used by those wishing to suppress or diminish genuine English opinion, in particular the BBC.

      The lists are also intended to support my opinion that the British Parliament does not properly represent the English [which I do NOT use as an exclusive term] but subordinates our (England’s) interests to those of so called minorities. In other words, the democratic majority is persistently subverted.

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