6 comments on “A Celtic Confederation?

  1. Oh this idea’s been around for a long time. Cf. the Celtic League, the main pan-Celtic nationalist organization. It’s just been stalled for a long time since Ireland became independent and none of the others followed. Might pick up steam with Scottish independence. A Celtic confederation would provide mutual assistance and stability, and would be based on a coming together of roughly equal partners, unlike the UK which is dominated by England. England will flourish better on its own.

    • Thank you for your message Christopher.

      I beg to differ and suggest that the idea of a confederation is new and certainly so in the context of the current exclusive referendum in Scotland. The nearest the Celtic League has recorded adopting a the idea of confederation is “Campaigning for a formal association of Celtic nations to take place once two or more of them have achieved self-government”.

      No doubt Celts will find it unpalatable that an Englishman should express such thoughts. It is certainly to be hoped that “A Celtic confederation would provide mutual assistance and stability”, but there is scant evidence of Scots treating Wales (for example) with fairness and equality. Wales was cynically used as a smokescreen in 1997 by Scots in power over England to justify a second referendum for a national body with devolved powers. In the 1979 Wales Referendum, 80% of a Turnout of 59% rejected a Wales Assembly. In 1997, barely 25% of the electorate voted for a national body and yet Celts and others have refused to conduct a similar referendum in England.

      For your information, the UK is NOT dominated by the English, but by Scots, Welsh, Northern Irish and Brits! There are over thirty Scots squatting in England constituencies, plus Welsh carpetbaggers such as Nigel Evans and Julian Lewis; these people oppose equity of treatment for England for fear of losing their positions. Scots in particular have demonstrated anti-Englishness and hypocrisy in massive proportions by claiming national identity whilst actively denying the same to the English. I agree that England, the last colony of the Brits, will flourish so much better on her own, especially without the burden of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

  2. I’d happily become a citizen of a Celtic super-state. May as well throw in northern England too, as we’re closer to the Scots than to the southerners. London could gain independence as a Singapore-style city state. That would leave the rump of Little England to pursue its isolationist dream.

    • It seems that, as is all too usual, someone who does not regard himself as having English national identity omits to declare his interest but presumes to comment on matters affecting England and her people.

      As Great Englanders, we note you predilection for Little Scotland.

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