1. People of Porstmouth, did you note that Alex Slamond mentioned that they could save the Clyde ship yard because they had their own Scottish Parliament. That’s why in England we you lost ours. If you had an English Parliament then the jobs in Porstmouth would have been saved. Not nice being second rate little Englanders in the UK is it? Had Enough yet?

    • Thank you for your comments Fred.

      I presume that the ‘ours’ in your timeless comment: “That’s why in England we you lost ours.” refers to England’s warship building facilities.

      I do not agree that the people of England are treated as being ‘second rate’, but more like ‘fourth rate’!

      As for your derogatory phrase “little Englanders”, you expose your ignorance of history. Historically, the term referred an anti-imperialist political stance dating from the time of the Second Boer War (1899–1902). Its implication that the English people are xenophobic and/or overly nationalistic is absurd when one considers the extent to which we have accommodated immigrants since 1707. Indeed, when the excessively self-absorbed, exclusive characteristics of so [too] many Scots are considered, the term “Little Scotlanders” is so much more appropriate.

      Of course, the huge hypocrisy practised by Scots [and Welsh] in power over England has been to demand national recognition whilst denying the same to England! Worse, there are those unprincipled ignoramuses who presume to gloat about the abuse of the British political system in an unwanted, pusillanimous display of schadenfreude.

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