5 comments on “What nation surrenders its territory and wealth to foreigners without a fight?

  1. In order to fight back, you need to go to http://englishconstitutiongroup.uk/ and report the crime of sedition (treason) to a police station, keep getting people to do it. there is alos a British Consdtitution Group google it. Support Albert Burgess, see his vid and you’ll see it make good sense.

  2. Alan, It is my understanding that the only lawful law of the land is the Magna Carta. Any other changes may be legalities but the Magna Carta is the Law of the Land and the people should be protected by it. From what I’ve read it was written to protect the people of this country from event such as this. If i’m correct why has it not been served to the queen?

    • We do not have a written constitution as such. Such written constitutional provisions we do have are in the form of statutes and delegated legislation and Orders in Council.

      Furthermore, it is understood that a parliament is not bound by its predecessor parliaments, nor may it bind succeeding parliaments.

      That said, proposals to cede sovereignty should first be put to the electorate for PRIOR endorsement to carry both legal and moral authority, but we all know the history of the tawdry parliaments since 1970 in particular [although some could make an earlier case]!

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