2 comments on “Heads Scotland wins, & tails England loses

  1. It really beats me as to why so many people put up with this junk treatment. I suppose apathy is the biggest culprit -but that doesn’t explain total disinterest to me.
    Maybe cushy [relatively] modern life has made political thought uneccesary -unless there’s a real threat like war or 90% taxes. The main parties are so similar that the voters seem transfixed by fate. Too bad, really- but some of us still try! Appalling treatment all rond of the English, anyway..

    • In a multi-million population society we obtain much (most?) of our information from the print & broadcast media. Those in power have contrived to arbitarily divide political parties into ‘major parties’ (which receive massive coverage and access to the media thus largely maintaining the status quo and limiting the transfer of office to one or more of the three main parties) and ‘minor parties’ which are rendered virtually invisible and mute.

      I believe that there is massive dissatisfaction in England which needs a rallying point, which cannot be discerned by voters presently. You can bet your last pound that increasing numbers of voters discovering and supporting the English Democrats will result in a torrent of bile denigrating nationalism in general and English nationalism in particular.

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