2 comments on “The law of unforeseen consequences

  1. Perhaps the left wing bias at the BBC is deliberately promoting Nigel Farage in order to tempt Conservative voters into supporting UKIP and thereby increasing the possibility of a Labour victory in GE2015. For example, since 2010 Farage is in equal first place for appearances by politicians on Question Time, it has helped turn him into a media superstar.

    • You may have a point there Steve but, you should not overlook the fact that ITN, Channels 4 & 5 gave us no coverage, we might just as well not exist. So, the question is why did THEY deliberately ignore us, do they also have a left wing bias?

      No, I believe that this phenomenon is has a different explanation. Not only did the news media set out to sideline us but so also did the pro-EU Brit parties. Unfortunately, none of them foresaw the consequences both for us and for them.

      If Cameron really wants to reduce support for UKIP, one way is to promote parties with similar [albeit not identical] policies ie the English Democrats! Of course he can continue with the deceit that he can lure errant Conservative voters back into the fold. However, that would be to ignore the increasing alarm amongst voters in England that we are about to be swamped with wave after wave of immigrants from North Africa and elsewhere too many of whom desire to invade England.

      The point is being reached (if it hasn’t been already) where voters in all the Brit parties are concluding that none of the party ‘leaders’ intend to take effective action to stem the flow of immigrants. Only one course seems to hold out effective action ~ leaving the EU and controlling our own island borders without obstacles being placed in the way by unelected, unaccountable EU officials.

      Time will tell, but it is rapidly running out!

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