2 comments on “Gibraltar, the EU & Scottish Independence

  1. I served in Gib years ago. A return of the RN would be great! Rather give money to the plucky people out there, tbh. I was with an so called English man the other night socially who said Gib was really Spanish WTF! He is in numerous Spanish lango groups and has propert out there. I wonder if he realises what the role of defence is? Pathetic, but so typical a comment from the sappy individuals modern education and politics has thrown up into our midst. No wonder 16 y.o’s are needed in the Scots’ vote!.

    • Thanks Trev

      With Scotland gone walkabout, there is mutual interest to be satisfied by re-building the RN’s use of what was a very important dockyard & port facility. Remember, the Scots dominated British Government expended over £10 Billion on infrastructure in the Faslane area to the detriment of Devonport [ie east Cornwall & west Devon]. Similar investment spread across Gibraltar & the South West of England would solve a lot of problems.

      Increased, RN presence in Gibraltar Harbour would make the Spanish think harder before they encroached on Gib’s waters.

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