4 comments on “There’s something pretty rotten at the heart of British politics!

  1. I think Mr Caplin is doubly protected inasmuch as I understand he is a Jew, and they always close ranks. However he is a discharged bankrupt and while we would still be in the schtuck in Cameron’s world that makes him an angel. Reminds me of the Weimar republic…they were equally corrupt and degenerate.

    • You may well be correct. Interesting how a group which apparently accounts for only 0.5% of the UK’s population is so greatly and disproportionately represented in positions of power and influence! Either they are superior or significant discrimination has been (is) taking place.

    • Strange you would say something about him being a Jew, yet NOTHING about the CULTIST that Mr CaMORON has now pulled into his close group of cronies, now openly sucking up with the muslim CULT as he prepares to hand our country to them. Perhaps it is TIME that the TRUE British closed ranks as well, against what is being done to us.

      • Your point is taken Rowena, but one cannot cover all the angles in brief comments.

        Perhaps there is a point you are missing Rowena? Quite simply, my country is England and I identify myself as English by nationality [not to be confused with my British citizenship] which, in recent decades, Scots [Blair, Brown, Cook, Irvine, Reid, Dewar, Robertson, Darling et al ] have tried to subsume by Britishness. Indeed, Brown as British PM introduced Britishness lessons, but only in England’s schools.

        So [too] many folk enter into debate about England without declaring their national identity. Did you know that both Michael Hestletine & Geoffrey Howe are Welsh . . . they kept that quiet until after they became peers and no longer needed English votes! Did you know that John Prescott was born in Wales? No one mentions that Nigel Evans is a Welsh carpetbagger ostensibly representing English interests in an English seat. Likewise Liam Fox, Malcolm Rifkind, Ian Liddle-Grainger, George Mudie, James Gray, Iain Duncan Smith, Ian Stewart, Jim Fitzpatrick etc etc. Indeed, Ed Miliband (and his brother David), Ed Balls, Jack Dromey (having the distinction of being selected from a women only shortlist), Yvette Cooper and others may be regarded as carpetbaggers having had no prior connection with the individual Constituencies they profess to represent.

        We must cease using vague phrases such as ‘our country’, ‘the NHS’ etc when the subject is England, NHS England and so on. I have come to the conclusion that the interests of England and her people [accounting for 84% of the UK’s population] are best served by the English!

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