1. What’s wrong with localisation/regionalisation of power within the UK? Surely anything that reduces the over-centralisation of power in Westminster would be beneficial for the liberty and resilience of the social and cultural values of the peoples of Britian? The British Isles did pretty well for thousands of years prior to annexation into the Roman Empire (43 AD), and subseqently through the Heptarchy of Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms (500-850) before the establishment of the Kingdom of England in the 10th century subsequent Norman invasion (1066). From that point, the regions suffered for the benefit of the central “Power Elite”, this was amply demostrated early on by the Harrying of the North (1069-1070) and which is, in my opinion, clearly still visible today in the North-South divide.

    By the way, it happens that Scotland was unified a century earlier than England! This should be eye-opening:


      • I don’t really stongly feel I have one to be honest. I realise that possibly disqualifies my opinion by some measure, however my ancestry has been traced back to the early 16th c. and I feel a strong connection with those individuals, most of which so happen to have been Londoners or from the home counties with the odd immigré (Dutch and possibly Spanish). I care about the history through which they lived, and their ancestors in turn, and indeed the shared history which brought myself and my Dutch wife* into being.

        (* who considers herself Zeews, when I just asked her the same question! )

      • I assume that you might be able to distinguish between your chosen national identity and your ancestry. On this basis, I ask you once again Steve: would you care to say what YOU regard as your national identity?

  2. Call me romantic, but I’d really like to see devolution approximating the borders of the aforementioned Heptarchy of Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms. There were good historical and geographic reasons those regions came to be homogenious, and into the future as we see a decilne in available energy and resources, the center can not hold anyway. As I said, we need to be adaptable and reslient, that means making the right descisions locally and regionally.

    • Would it be too much to expect that England’s local government arrangements should be decided by an English Parliament?

      • In principle, no. Certainly, I agree it’s completely unfair for the other members of the Union to have their needs represented while the English are dominated by the interests of Westminster. Of course that’s why I also feel it would be unfair for those of the regions to be ruled from London. Otherwise, there’s not much difference, is there?

      • In my opinion, local government arrangements for England are best dealt with by an English Parliament which does not include (as the British Parliament does) representatives from the rest of the UK!

        The Brit parties’ focus on regions is a device to divert attention from an English Parliament and to foster divisions at the same time!

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