3 comments on “Another confused Scottish Brit!

  1. we need a deceltification of england…no extended drinking licences on St Paddies day..or burns night..only the cross of St george to fly from government and civil buildings..the removal of all foreign sports teams from all english sports leagues…..i include cornish teams as foreign…the return of the DVLA to england…manned by english people..same for all other departments dealing with predominately english issues….and so on…no more scottish military units located in england..or scottish personnell…the rebuilding of the ship yards of the north of england made capable of building any ships england needs..with no coming over the border to steal jobs…..lots more things could be done to remove the cancer of britishness….

    • I applaud your enthusiasm. We could use it in the English Democrats EU Election Campaign, especially in the West Midlands!

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