3 comments on “English Democrats – 2014 EU Elections Campaign Song.

  1. Fantastic song, this is what we need as our anthem.
    Just seen the party political broadcast on TV.
    I thought there was only me that says I’m English not British or god forbid a European and gets grief from the doom mongers. It’s nice to know there are others who have some gonads and are proud to say it without fear of violence and reprisal. Not from the shariah mob but our own police forces who allow everyone else to have their spiel but not the English. What have they done to our England?
    Our GREAT country will rise again and be a power to be reckoned with.
    Let the Jocks and Taffs have independence if they want it and good riddance to all the foreigners who sit as MPs and local councillors and milk us dry.
    You will get my vote on the day and hopefully you get some seats.


    • Thank you Peter. Your support for the English Democrats is very welcome!

      We English must support each other for England’s sake.


  2. This is the most patriotic song I have heard in many a long year. well done with the broadcast

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